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View Diary: Kossacks under 35: This Economy Sucks (58 comments)

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  •  You raise some really great points here (4+ / 0-)
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    but, in my opinion, this is less of a generational issue and more of a general issue for all of us.

    However, I have to concede that -- and I speak as someone a decade past 35 -- that things were easier for me just a few years ago than they are for you now.  For one thing, the huge tuition hikes that have created this student loan burden hadn't yet gotten nearly as bad as they are now.  Secondly, the steep rise in urban living costs that hit in the past 10 years hadn't yet taken place.  10 years ago, one could live quite well -- alone -- in a good neighborhood in any of the large US cities without pulling in 150K a year.  That's no longer true.

    What I do know, mainly from my younger friends, is that the lifestyle I took for granted a decade ago is out of reach for them.  Affordable urban housing is a huge issue -- and not just for younger people.

    I think you hit upon the larger issue -- growing inequality.  We're fast on our way to a society in which the income of your parents determines the life you get.  Talent and hard work just aren't enough anymore; you need either parents with deep pockets or a huge amount of luck.  That's not the America I, my parents or my grandparents grew up in.

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