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  •  Cheney's Deal in Secret (4+ / 0-)
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    In March I began commenting on the fact that Cheney had a visit (also Bush) to Iraq which was secret.  This must have been where he proposed (forced) this deal down Maliki's throat.  

    This is the endgame that Cheney sought the moment he stepped foot into the White House, the map triangle around Iraqi with Kirkuk oil reserves deeply notated.

    In addition for those who do not know, both Bush and Cheney chose Blackwater for their security details in Feb/March while in that country (as did Ms. Rice) rather than the US Military troops who would have considered that to be a great honor.

    Now since that word flew around the troops because gossip travels whether the Pentagon likes it or not, the troops were really made, really made, the comment whether true or not was

    "We'll why do they have to use the Post Office, when they can have Federal Express"  

    I also reviewed (sorry I am not a good diarist but I am a good reader) where all the existing oil and related contracts were terminated a few days later by the Oil Minister, the very next day Maliki announced and the next day the Oil Minister of Turkey and the Oil Minister of Iraq appeared in public and stated that ONLY THE 5 US MAJORS (oil companies) would be able to bid up this work for extraction, exploration, production, refinement, pipeline etc., and disguised this as "short term agreements, or 1 year agreements disinformation that these are really long term agreements as most lawyers will tell you can have extentions and side letters and other shit.

    Then because they had the US public down their throats because we hit 4000 American KIA (not to mention the Iraqis and all of our thousands of Soldiers who were injured 28,000 severely injured) a decision was made after April when casualties were as high as 8/08 to counteract that: the brass locked down the troops in May. I have no proof of this except from my own sources which I prefer not to state in this article.  
    That should help public opinion to go away for a while right?  They had troops hole up for the entire month at fixed locations to keep casualties down. They should continue this practice until we get our troops out.

    Congress must act immediately viscerally and stop this negotiation.  Maliki is in Iran and I am certain he feels trapped.  Tens of thousands of Iraqi's marked peacefully in a demonstration 3 weeks ago to protest the American troops. They don't want us there.  

    And the deal is not 5 permanent bases which was disinformation leaked from the Pentagon, but close to 50.  

    sorry this is so long, I have a son in Iraq and not much time before a p/t appointment.  This SUCKS.

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