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View Diary: Today I must Support Senator McCain For President (217 comments)

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  •  McCain is a misogynist (doesn't respect women). (0+ / 0-)

    Check out his record and you'll find this is so.
    Little things like adultery and cruelly ridiculing the appearance of Chelsea Clinton when she was a young girl in the White House.
    In front of reporters he has called his wife a "trollop" and a "c--t."  
    And by what logic do you think McCain would get us out of Iraq when he says quite clearly he feels this would be a terrible idea?
    His health care plan is to end the tax break for companies that provide health insurance to their employees.  Have fun on your own, people.  
    McCain's economics -- extend the tax cuts that mainly benefit the wealthiest people in this country.  Yeah, that's worked out well.
    Voting for McCain is stupid.  Even my lifelong Republican friends are going to vote for Obama.

    •  McCain's comment on Chelsea was mean and lowly (3+ / 0-)
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      dlynch357, Inland, MichiganGirl

      His quip:

      Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
      Because her father is Janet Reno.

      That was tasteless and classless, and McCain is unfit to be president.

      Support Andrew Rice for US Senate: link vs. Jim "global warming is a hoax" Inhofe

      by tsunami on Thu Jun 05, 2008 at 08:06:26 PM PDT

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      •  That's why (1+ / 0-)
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        I firmly believe the majority of those "Clinton Supporters" who claim they're voting McCain never had any intention of supporting her in the first place.  It was never about her, it was more about sewing discord among the party and creating a bigger and more irreparable (they hope) rift between the two camps.  No one calling themselves a Democrat or real supporter of women's rights, which is what many from her side have tried to make this about, could honestly get behind a man like McCain.  If they truly respected and believed in her and the party, they'd get behind any efforts to keep the Republicans out of the White House.  I say let them all go and let's find out where we all stand come GE day.  If they want to switch, so be it.  There are more than enough Democrats, Independents and even Republicans who know better than to vote for him.  I'm more concerned about 2012, when the GOP has had time to lick its' wounds and learn from their mistakes - they won't stay down for long.  THAT will be a much tougher race.  Sorry for rambling...

        •  Yup. (0+ / 0-)

          I believe you're exactly right.

          My Dad was about as strong as it got as a supporter of Senator Clinton's campaign and he never, not even for a second considered not voting for the Democratic candidate come November.

          I don't believe this people claiming they'll vote for McCain ever had any intention of voting Democratic in November no matter who won the primary. I seriously don't believe they're Democrats or have ever been Dems.

          "It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion." Oscar Wilde, 1891

          by MichiganGirl on Thu Jun 05, 2008 at 08:29:56 PM PDT

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