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View Diary: KOS Commute Survey (week of 6/9/08) - with Poll (34 comments)

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    Date of Commute: 9 June 2008
    Location: Chicago
    Price of Gas: $4.42 - $4.57 at 3 gas stations I passed this morning
    Method of Commute: Car (but this is unusual; I usually take the train)
    Distance of Commute: 3.5 miles each way, 7 miles roundtrip
    Gas Saved against Baseline: ?
    Weather: Humid and raining
    Additional Comments: I usually take the train but had to drive to day because of multiple appointments and meetings. I have a new car that gets about 32 MPG in the city. I live in the city and can reliably get anywhere I need via public transport so I really only drive when I absolutely need to.

    Chaos. It's not just a theory.

    by PBnJ on Mon Jun 09, 2008 at 06:52:27 AM PDT

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