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  •  As an IT worker (3+ / 0-)
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    Yes, these machines can be tampered with.

    The only solution, if we choose to continue using electronic voting machines, is to go paper trail.  You vote and you get a receipt that you can personally look over for correctness.  Then you place it in a box on your way out the door, in case of a recount.

    I personally would like to see two receipts provided.  The second one, you get to take home with you as proof you voted.

    Of course, saving all the paper receipts is only going to work if the local elections staff is not corrupt.  In other words, nothing gets disappeared, or destroyed, or "stacked" for a partial recount, or any of the other shenanigans that local elections officials have been indicted for in recent years.

    Gaming local election precincts will not stop until the 50 state strategy is in full force, and there are representatives of BOTH parties out in full force locally.  There are too many places in this country that don't even have Dems on local ballots, where your only choice is a Rethuglican.  That has to stop.  Bye bye Clintonism.

    •  Yes, Are We There Yet, we lived for a number... (1+ / 0-)
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      of years in Canada.  As far as I know, they never have vote fraud--never heard of a case in all the years we lived there.  They have "scrutineers" from every party at the voting stations who watch the count, certify the count, sign off on it, and copy the results onto their own tally sheets which they then turn into their own party officials.  I cannot imagine how anyone could tamper with the system if they wanted to.  Every voter in every household is automatically registered to vote at a specific polling station near his home.  If challenged by election officials, he must produce valid ID.  Also, by law, the networks are not permitted to say anything about a federal election until the last province's polls close (British Columbia) so as to not influence the voting.  Canadians take the purity of their voting system quite seriously and if any party got caught tampering with the vote, I expect they would be "turfed out" in the next election.  Canadians have destroyed whole parties for less than that.  

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