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    arodb, Chico David RN

    The spectrum of political possibility in Western European countries is much more vibrant and diverse than our tired, moribund little two-party oligarchical monopoly in which we take such odd and unjustified pride. A citizen of any civilized European country can expect to find on his ballot a range of candidates, running the gamut from Communists to far-right neo-Fascists. And I'm not just talking about national office here, this is true all the way down to the municipal level. Spend a bit of time there during election season (I was there in 2007 during the season in France) and then come back here and watch our process, and you'll see how narrow, constipated, and ultimately barren it is in terms of choice.

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      to this diary, including TJ and Recs.  It wasn't that bad, was it?

      I may repost it, replacing Communist with Socialist and it may not seem so threatening to those who fear the taint.

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