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View Diary: New Republican Energy Czar: Hitler (314 comments)

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  •  Not quite. (1+ / 0-)
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    Futuristic Dreamer

    (i) I certainly feel free to take exceptional umbrage at the gratuitous praising of Hitler (Good Grief!);

    (ii) I really don't think that Democrats make a habit of doing "exactly the same thing";

    and (iii) even if they did, I would certainly jump up and down and yell about the Republican cluelessness, while trying as far as possible to minimize anything a Democrat might have said.

    This isn't a game of croquet.  This is about the future of the whole world, and we ain't foolin'.  Please don't expect me to play fair, if it comes to that.

    •  You, sir, are what we call a hack. (0+ / 0-)

      Democrats of course do exactly the same thing.  Maybe not with Hitler, but I'm sure you can find Democrats phrasing an innocent sentiment in a way that lends itself to negative framing and getting attacked by Republicans for it.  And he pretty clearly wasn't praising Hitler - that's just a very ungenerous reading of what he was saying.

      As to your third point - if you're going to admit your intellectual dishonestly openly, why should anyone take what you have to say seriously?

      While I agree that being too decorous about "rules" can be detrimental in politics, if one doesn't maintain at least minimal standards of intellectual honesty and integrity one is just a hack.  Why should anyone care what a hack has to say?

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