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View Diary: Obama Goes on Offensive on the Economy (201 comments)

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  •  Did anyone else see Magoo on NBC (8+ / 0-)
    Nightly News ?

    He was interviewed by Brian Williams and if it's even possible his 'appearance' was worse than that ridiculous speech last Tuesday night.

    He looked bloated, tired, old, and completely, totally out of touch.

    In response to Williams pressing him on Magoo being Bush's 3rd term, Magoo flashed that creepy crooked yellow smile and that weird off-putting cackle and stumbled over his prepared line :  'I think Obama is running for Jimmy Carter's 2nd term'.

    WHAT ?! ?!  ?!

    I was a naive child when Jimmy Carter was President.

    Magoo is making a reference that is 3 decades old !  Practically half the population in this country was either not born or were blissfully ignorant children during the Carter years in the late 1970's.

    It was positively atrocious and only reinforces Magoo as an out-of-touch fossil.

    I'm to the point now where it doesn't matter whether he has a lime-green background or not.  

    It's the person, stupid.  And Magoo looks and sounds absolutely ridiculous.

    •  Carter's second term and generational politics (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      RobertInWisconsin, iheartbooks

      In reading Obama's books, the line/concept that appealed to me most was that he was tired of an era of politics that seemed like a generation was just rehashing the same, tired old fights they had with each other in the college dorm rooms in the 60s.

      Speaking as someone who hit 40 this year, McCain's Carter comment just reinforces that.  They are running and approaching policy like they watched too many I Love the 80s marathons on VH-1.  At 40, I wasn't old enough to vote for Carter.  I wasn't even old enough to vote for Mondale.  The reference he was making was lost on anyone under 50 except that Carter is now known as the nice guy who builds houses and helps observe elections in emerging democracies.  

      The generational divide isn't just with campaign tactics as was one of the differences between Obama's and Clinton's campaign but it is also part of the neo-cons fascination with Iraq, belief that trickle down seems relevant to "Reagan Democrats" in a global economy when they can see the trickling down trickling out with the jobs to other countries.  

      The generational angle to this campaign is an incredibly important way to approach it and to understand it.  The 1970s-1990s way of understanding ideology, issues, etc just doesn't work anymore.  

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