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View Diary: Obama Goes on Offensive on the Economy (201 comments)

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  •  oil is a world market (1+ / 0-)
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    I do understand somethings about economics so I understand the effect of a weak dollar somewhat.  

    The oil market is a world market.  Why, if the dollar is the problem, is the oil price doubled in Europe and across the world?  We keep hearing from idiot broadcasters that OIL demand is the cause.  No one has any economic memory, no one can remember that oil was $70 a barrel in August, 2007.  It's double now.  Oil demand hasn't gone up that fast, neither has the dollar tanked that fast.  Not double in 8-10 months.  Not double.

    I pay attention to this and I'm confounded, can you imagine what the average American thinks?  

    People are going to be suckers for the argument against environmentalists stopping drilling.

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