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View Diary: No Child Left Behind: Doomed to Fail? (116 comments)

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    David Kroning

    After small groups, discussion as a large group follows. Sometimes they've found more things to talk about, and sometimes we start by having a group read what they wrote.

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      fiddler crabby

      at the level of reading comprehension, bone-headed stuff. I find that even when announced in advance, quizzes don't force students to read if they don't want to. I have large numbers of students who just take wild guesses on quiz after quiz. A few take the hint and improve. Most do not, however. Fwiw that's the reverse of my experience with quizzing from when I first began teaching. It was an effective prod back then. Now it's just a waste of class time for me.

      Have had similar experiences in a large lecture course I taught twice on classical myth in recent years. There were a series of hour exams with simple, factual questions. Nearly all the students who failed the first exams badly would continue to fail subequent exams just as badly. The attitude I'm seeing in so many undergraduate students these days is bizarre. The better undergraduates and nearly all graduate students are as good as they've ever been. It's just that there's an abyss that's opened up where good and average students used to be found.

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