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View Diary: An Open Letter to Senator Clinton: Please Help Undermine the Anti-Obama Web Sites (using your name) (14 comments)

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    I know, I hate people who throw "links?" at you like you're the link fairy, but seriously: what pro-Obama sites are smearing Hillary with out-and-out lies?

    I've seen plenty of criticism, but smears?  Maybe I missed them.  Can you point some out?

    Criticism is fine.  Did Obama screw up with the McClurkin thing?  Yes.  That cost him some gay votes.  I'd like to argue that in the grand scheme of things, Obama is supportive of gay rights, but I can't say that tarring him with the "McClurkin" incident is a smear — it's a criticism.

    The smears are that Obama's an eeeeeeeeeevil Muslim or that he's lying about basic things in his past, or that he's in bed with Rezko, etc. etc.

    Where's the counterpart to that from Obama supporters?  Really, I'm asking.

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