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View Diary: The National Press Club is feeding the troll (390 comments)

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  •  This Should Be the Last Post on this Subject! (2+ / 0-)
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    Lady Bird Johnson, nsaneone

    I've been following this Larry thing for a while purely for the entertainment value.  Sinclair is an unrepentant career criminal (in prison three times, with two other warrants, and at least one other criminal complaint against him) and has no compunction against lying his way through life.

    The story, even with this upcoming NPC event was already dead -- nobody in the media, not even Drudge, Coulter, Hannity, or Limbaugh will touch him with a 10-foot barge pole -- so I am a very disappointed that Kos gives this smear merchant the very publicity he craves.

    Please, please, please, continue to ignore this guy.  There are a couple of bloggers who are already doing a great job in demolishing this guy's case just in case someone in the media picks it up, but until then he deserves nothing more than to be ignored, completely.

    (BTW: Anyone can rent out an NPC room if you have enough cash and a sponsor, so it's not their fault in this case).

    •  THAT'S THE STORY! (2+ / 0-)
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      greenbird, boadicea

      Who is putting up the cash?  Who is the sponsor?  Ignoring this is not an option.  It's what the Republicans do, and they've killed too many Democrats that way.  In Obama's words - NOT THIS TIME!

      •  Doesn't matter (1+ / 0-)
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        There are dozens of press conferences held at the NPC that never get any coverage in the mainstream press -- that old crank Richard Hoagland (of the Face on Mars fame) held one there last year in the expectation of making a splash but didn't get one news article from it.

        Sinclair has been raising money on his blog (his followers are a sorry lot, belive me), and may have a contact through the Jeff Rense show (another woowoo radio person).  These are all fringe actors who want nothing more than to create a fuss.

        There is no story yet, but the more people make a fuss the greater the chance it will become one.

    •  "Anyone can rent out an NPC room..." (2+ / 0-)
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      boadicea, kat68

      This makes the NPC look worse. Would the NPC rent out the prestige of its room to someone who will speak admiringly of Hitler's Holocaust policies? Or maybe they draw the line at praising Hitler, but not at defaming Obama?  The NPC is not the same as Sinclair renting an Elks hall, or speaking on a street corner.

      Who is to say that a videotape of Sinclair's speech will not show up immediately on CNN or FOX? Assuredly it will show up on YouTube. There will be a "fair and balanced" TV presentation, with equal time at least given to the defenders of Obama.  That's the whole point, to get the nuts having equal time with respectable people on a national platform. I saw this happen to Kerry in August 2004, and I don't want to see it happen to Obama in June 2008.

      •  isn't Obama a lawyer! right (0+ / 0-)


        they know it is out there; they will deal with it!

        Today in this surreal world that John McCain has signed onto led by GOP in the Senate we're unable to vote on doing something about gas prices. - Sen. Reid

        by pollwatch on Thu Jun 12, 2008 at 04:24:57 PM PDT

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    •  yes, but, it does work in that it prevents any (0+ / 0-)

      more of his no doubt VERY POOR supporters from parting with money he will KEEP.
      and we can make sure THEY know that WE know that HE knows that WE know.

      I AM living in interesting times.

      by greenbird on Thu Jun 12, 2008 at 06:47:14 PM PDT

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