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  •  thoughtful diary as usual. I believe that what (2+ / 0-)
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    's euphemistically refer to as the 'American Dream' which is pretty much what you describe in your essay started to decay at the end of WW2.  I was not here in the 50's, I was born and brought up in England.  Right after the war the entire european continent changed dratically as well, as did much of the world. As America financed Germany,  and Japan back to economic health, all nations to become power houses economically in subsequent ecades, England and france particularly chose the route of socialism, building into the tax structure the kind of safety nets that previously had been provided by the private secotr and capitalism.

    Today, sixty years later Europe has united to become a melange of disparately stable and financially healthy partners.  Although health and welfare and pension services are provided almost indiscrimately England is not terribly healthy economically or culturally or socially either.
    On the Asia front the Asia tiger is hungry for profit, China and india are providing the service and goods  jobs that were previously held by manufacturing in America and europe.

    All over the owrld this father's day people are bitching and moaning or exulting because things are not the way they used to be.

    I doubt if there is any one system that could provide on a global level the equality and saftety nets your essay yearns for.  Many have benefitted from globalization, many have not. It has always been so.  One of the major differences now is that the markets use money the way farmer's used to sow seeds, expecting a crop.

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