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View Diary: Battle for the soul of a blog: Can Jeralyn turn TalkLeft around? (60 comments)

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  •  She has destroyed her reputation. (14+ / 0-)

    And for this singular reason:

    She cited the vile, lunatic, tin-foiled, racist rantings of Larry Johnson and susanhu (SusanUnPC) of NoQuarter as fact throughout the entire length of the primary campaign. Right up until Hillary conceded, in fact.

    And her lapdog enforcer co-blogger, Armando (BigTentDemocrat), spent much of the primary season taking other progressive bloggers to task while ignoring Jeralyn's own idiocy.

    Having been booted from Daily Kos, Armando may not want to rock the boat at his new home for fear he'll get the boot there, too. (Jeralyn has proven this season that she is incredibly thin-skinned -- not unlike Jerome Armstrong, another so-called "leading light" of the progressive blogosphere who has made a monumental ass of himself this season).

    But to watch Aramando ignore Jeralyn's repeated citings of the racist conspiracy theories emanating from NoQuarter as fact, while taking all kinds of other bloggers to task (Kos, Chris Bowers, Matt Stoller, others), shows what a pathetic sycophant Armando has become.

    I guess he's too lazy to build his own blog.

    But Jeralyn has been -- and continues to be -- pathetic.

    TalkLeft is a Paradise of Fools. The audience is tiny, so I guess readers have judged it to be just that.

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