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View Diary: Battle for the soul of a blog: Can Jeralyn turn TalkLeft around? (60 comments)

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    She's become a shameful hack... as has her personal attack kitten, Armando.  

    No credibilty left.  It's gone.  And when it's gone, you don't get it back so cheaply.  

    Screw 'em, they're just a nasty, dwindling little cult.   The vast, overwhelming majority of Hillary supporters have followed HRC's excellent lead, and moved on.

    FWIW, my mother-in-law was a very strong HRC supporter.  She's politically astute -- very active in local Dem politics over the years, and she's moderated debates for the League of Women Voters.     And she's about Hillary's age.

    She has integrity, however.  While acknowledging her disappointment for the past months, she understood where this was going in terms of numbers, and now gives her full voiced support to Obama -- who she acknowledges being ever prouder to support.

    So don't worry about the likes of TalkLeft and their pals at NoQuarter and Hillaryis44.  Their numbers are miniscule, and they're more than made up for by the HRC supporters who are  great Democrats, already fighting the McCain-Bushies right alongside us.

    JOHN McCAIN = George W. Bush's 3rd term.

    by chumley on Sun Jun 15, 2008 at 11:42:56 AM PDT

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