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View Diary: FISA Fight: Independence Day Vote? (120 comments)

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  •  Revolving door effect... (1+ / 0-)
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    JG in MD

    ATT aqcuired the services of Bradford Berenson (formerly of the White House)...
    McCain has Rick Davis, former (?) lobbyist for Verizon...
    And Obama has Mark Keam, former (?) lobbyist for Verizon on his staff since the Nevada caucuses...

    [It's so nice to see that this is a "change" year and that we have such roguish candidates on both sides this year.  Regardless of grassroots donations (or lack thereof), both candidates will have their policy advisers staffed from the DC bureaucratic class.]

    So anyway, I'd hope that the language in the compromise bill should have:

    1. exclusivity of FISA as the sole means for conducting electronic surveillance within the US, and
    1. allow discovery to continue in the lawsuits, even if the telcos are no longer on the hook for the fines

    Still not clear to me how the state cases and al-Haramain, which are bundled together with the telco class actions, will be treated by whatever-it-is that they're marking up in secret...

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