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View Diary: US Army Response to 'Stand To' Anti-Obama Link (204 comments)

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    I'm a bit offended by multiple comments that the professional response of Major General Cucolo must be him "adjusting" to the prospect of a different President.

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      pelagicray, Coach Jay

      Seems to me he was simply acting like the kind of leader we were trained to be (and to expect) when I was in the Marine Corps.

      It's a lesson that was drilled into us from the first week of recruit training:  "Authority and responsibility must go hand-in-hand."  If you're given responsibility for a given task, you need the authority to organize and direct that task.  And if you're given authority to organize and direct the task, you are responsible for how well (or poorly) the task is done.

      That means you don't blame your subordinates in response to a criticism by a senior or someone outside your command.  YOU had the authority, therefore it was YOUR mistake.  Obviously, within your command, you educate your subordinates as to what went wrong and why.  But as regards seniors or those outside your command, YOU take the hits.  You don't serve up subordinates as sacrificial lambs to protect your own reputation.

      That's Leadership 101 in the Marine Corps and, I'm guessing, in the other branches as well.  That's what the good Major General was doing in this case.

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