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  •  Why did Friedan say what she said? (1+ / 0-)
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    Was she saying that talking about lesbian rights would alienate people and interfere with efforts to promote women's rights, or was she actually personally anti-lesbian?

    •  My guess is that she was worried about (2+ / 0-)
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      sclminc, arlene

      the stereotype of feminists in the mainstream, that they're all a bunch of "b!tches and lesbians."

      I see it as a similar reaction that the HRC and other mainstream gay organizations have to LGBTs who are outside of the mainstream (leather daddies, transgenders, drag queens, flamboyant fairies, and so on). It's a "let's show everyone how normal and regular we are" type of mentality.

      Of course, what Friedan and others didn't realize was that lesbians were instrumental in the women's liberation movement. Lesbians have always done a lot of the heavy lifting -- (take that as you want) -- in these social movements, and alienating them was counterproductive to say the least.

      •  Things sure have changed (1+ / 0-)
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        I remember marching in a Gay Pride parade with the NOW contingent in San Diego one year (unusual in two ways with me being a straight male).  They asked each group to submit a little blurb that would be read as we passed the grandstand.  San Diego NOW's was "Join NOW if you are a lesbian or want to be called one."

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