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  •  Tommy is way off (7+ / 0-)

    I've written this before...but we NEED health care for our paraplegic son, and we must go to Europe for it. That's because the total philosophy of our health care system is different than theirs, and superficial comparisons don't show that.

    In a commercially-driven system, the decisions are always actuarial. The conventional wisdom is that paraplegia is forever, so all that the company will pay for is maintenance. (We joke that the only medication they approve is WD40)

    In Europe, they look for potential. So there are many clinics including ours that simply ask: "What can you do today that you couldn't do yesterday?" After 5 years, our T5 complete son is now fully functional through T12 and partially functional in the lumbar region. The "research" that shows that paraplegics don't recover is just flat out wrong, and used to justify neglect.

    This is just one case. I could write about ten other conditions this morning, off the top of my head, where our commercially-driven health care system reduces the potential and productivity of our citizens.

    And Tommy is totally wrong. Yes, we have more MRI machines here (with competition for them.) But the consumer must decide which doctor and move from specialist to specialist. In other countries you may wait longer for an elective knee replacement, but get cancer and you have a team ready for you right away.

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