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  •  I keep hearing that McCain is a hero. (0+ / 0-)

    Why does everyone keep calling John McCain a hero?  Yes, he was a POW during the Vietnam War, but does that make him a "hero?"  My Dad was a POW during WWII, and I asked him if he thought he was a hero.  He looked at me like I'd said something REALLY stupid.  So, I asked my brother-in-law who served in Vietnam and was badly wounded there if he thought he was a hero since he'd gotten hurt.  He was succinct, "F**k no. I was just young and stupid."

    So, other than having been a mistreated POW who got hurt in the Vietnam War, did John McCain do anything really brave during the war involving some effort to save someone else or that required a great deal of courage (like John Kerry did for instance)?

    I don't mean to be snarky, but everyone keeps going on and on about what an incredible war hero McCain is and how that almost entitles him to the Presidency, when Kerry was a war hero in the sense that I used to think the word meant. (And, we got Shrub Jr. instead.)  Add to it, that the men in my family who have had similar horrible experiences don't begin to consider themselves heroes, and I just end up shaking my head.

    Sure, McCain was a POW and it was a terrible experience, but is he really a "hero" and even if he was, why would that entitle him to the presidency?

    A country without a memory is a country of madmen. -- George Santayana

    by bkamr on Wed Jun 18, 2008 at 08:23:33 PM PDT

    • seem to be uninformed (0+ / 0-)

      Here is the point you seem not to have gotten from John McCain's record.

      1. John McCain, himself, has never called himself a "hero". In fact, he comments on the basic incident as "having the bad luck to be shot down".  Exactly the same line of thinking as your dad and brother in law
      1. The actual incident happened something like this- (as obtained by the DNC in a freedom of information release of his war record). McCain was on a bombing mission over North Vietnam. While in his run, his aircraft was hit, Rather than aborting, he continued the run and dropped his bombs on the target. During his egress, his plane was so badly damaged, he could not recover from the dive, and ejected over the target he had just bombed.
      1. Did your dad ever call himself a hero? You indicate that he did not....but others certainly did, and do now. Your brother in law seems to be of the same type. I consider him a hero also- I am just a bit younger than Vietnam vets.
      1. The "actually doing anything brave" test you are looking for was this....after years of being tortured, the Vietnamese learned that McCain was the son of an Admiral. They offered him the ability to go home. He told the Vietnamese that he would go only if all the others were released too. They sent him to solitary confinement, and tortured him for years again. His fellow prisoners felt that McCain deserved the Congressional Medal of Honor for his leadership in the face of horror.
      1. John Kerry chose to rescue a man under his command, under enemy gunfire at extreme risk to his life. John Kerry would not describe his actions as heroic either- but many others do.

      People that do heroic things because it is the right thing to do, show the real essence of what the person truly is. Your dad has it. Your brother in law has it. John Kerry has it, and John McCain also has it as well. Those actions by themselves do not "entitle" anyone to be president- hence the history of John Kerry. could sell out your core belief, something you pledged to do many times over, even publicly signed a pledge, because it furthers your own ambition. When confronted with a choice of money, or your supposed conviction, you choose money. Not someone anyone could trust, when their life depends on it. Ask your dad, a true american hero, if he would trust someone like that with his life. Ask your brother in law (also a real hero) if the guys in his unit trusted him with their life. Then look at the current democratic nominee with an open mind. He chose money over his convictions. Not someone I could trust with my-or your-life. I have to believe that John Kerry deep down is appalled by this lack of true character.

      While this sounds like a pro McCain post (I was an adamant Kerry supporter), it actually is an attempt to make folks see the actual core character of the people you have mentioned. Please don't cloud the people with a label, Republican or Democrat. They are Americans first. Judge them on real facts- not rhetoric. Judge them on what they actually DO or DID, not what is said during a speech or campaign. Kerry is a strong and honorable person....with the strength of his convictions, and has shown what he will do when the "chips are down". Obama no longer can claim ANY convictions, and has now shown the world that he will absolutely sell his convictions to further his personal ambition.

      Think deeply about the quote you have chosen...A country without a memory is a country of madmen. -- George Santayana....which person does it more closely resemble...based on facts, not what you may think.

      Obama's talk of "change" has not been demonstrated by his actions- the opposite has now been shown to those who will look objectively. This action is more like "W", and we all know how that has worked out.

      Anyway- for whatever it's worth, please tell your dad and brother in law that they now have one more american out here that regards them as heros!

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