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    I'm pretty moderate.  I'm pretty cautious which is why I think impeachment though well deserved is probably just a waste of time since it won't go anywhere.  But at a certain point you need to draw the line and stand up.

    The irony is going to really come after Obama wins.  When all these Republicans crying wolf start trying to strip every last power they can from Obama.

    And you know what?  I actually miss Republicans like Dan Burton and Dick Armey who'd hold Clinton's feet to the fire (even if often time on bogus issues).  That's what's you want from the "loyal opposition."  To demand accountability and to demand answers from those in power.

    In mind mind if we win this next election the first real test of the Democrats is will they be wiling to reinstate the independent prosecutor law.  I'm sure the Republicans will rediscover their religion.  But will the Democrats remember to do what is right when they are given the levers of power?

    Do we have the intestinal fortitude to put what is right above petty politics?

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