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    Phoenix Woman

    he or she will have to be monied.

    Money is what drives these leadership elections. Money from leadership PACs, which as their name implies, are used to pass out excess campaign cash to colleagues, so that when it comes time to run for a leadership post, there's a cadre of them out there who owe you.

    It's a sustained program of giving and party building (yes, it's not all just legalized bribery, there's actually a good way of thinking about this) that gets you elected to leadership.

    Unfortunately, the bulk of the most progressive Members of the House are in very safe seats, and some are from considerably less affluent districts, and the money tends not to flow to them, either because it's not there or because they just don't need it.

    Of course, even a progressive with enough money has to lead as a moderate most of the time, because forcing too many tough votes on your conservatives makes tends to make them forget about the money you gave them if they think they'll lose despite it.

    But that's what it takes to create a progressive leadership. Arming them with the money it takes to build support in the Caucus for their election to these jobs. It's not ideology. Most of the Out of Iraq Caucus voted for Hoyer over Murtha, because the voting wasn't ideological. More of them got money and support over more years from Hoyer than they did from Murtha.

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