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    It's interesting that the statements/actions of self-serving, nation-wrecking assholes seem to be tailor-made for Peter Gabriel songs.  Let's examine:

    "No Self Control"  - Steny Hoyer, on why he can't stop shepherding shitty FISA legislation through the House, despite this being like the FIFTH time the public has had to swamp Congressional phone lines to stop it.

    "I Don't Remember" - Alberto Gonzales, attempting to avoid simply taking the fifth when testifying before Congress.

    "Not One Of Us" - Republicans everywhere pointing out the main problem they have with an Obama presidency.

    "Here Comes the Flood" - Nuff said.

    "Games Without Frontiers" - Heh.  Indeed.

    And of course, "Shock the Monkey" - which is the expression I hope to see on Bush's face as Obama is being sworn in on January 20th.  That's if he hasn't fled the country by then.

    I am aware of all internet traditions.

    by slippytoad on Wed Jun 18, 2008 at 01:05:43 PM PDT

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