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View Diary: John McCain Supports Obama's Decision to Forego Public Funding (155 comments)

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    ... $50, $75, $100 contributions.  That's what we want it to be all about.  We want average citizens to contribute small amounts of money, ...

    It seems to me that those amounts of money aren't necessarily so small to many people. However, according to wikipedia, the average overall donation size for Dean in the 2004 campaign was just under $80, so McCain actually got this about right.

    I haven't been able to find this figure for Obama, although the Times says 90 percent of Obama's transactions come from people who donated $100 or less, and 40 percent from donors who gave $25 or less. I haven't seen any figure for McCain.

    I wish I could see the mode and median for these contributions. (The mode is the amount most people contribute; the median is the figure that half the people contribute less than and half contribute more than). Both of these could be expected to be much lower than the average, which is easily skewed by a few large contributions.

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