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  •'s only June. We haven't had a convention (0+ / 0-)

    yet. Neither have the bad guys. No one wants to flood anywhere with anything now.

    Start getting people all excited by August, and when November rolls around, no one will want to vote. Look at how much the long primary season took out of us, and we're political junkies.

    Fight the smears, and get people who don't pay attention used to his name. That's all we want for now. When the convention rolls around, we get some crowd shots, maybe as much as 50 seconds of the acceptance speech in network news, and then the big push to build excitement for the first week in November.

    A campaign is like catering a big dinner party, you have to time each dish right, and be ready for the unexpected; the uninvited guests, the no-show bartender, the "who sent me these shitty mushrooms, I've got a room full of A-list out there!".

    I'm not raggin' on you, but johnryjr suggested national ad buys above, and yours was the second comment along those lines. Let the team make this buy, measure the results, and see where they want to go next. It's along, long way till November, and right now, the focus is on not fucking up and testing what works.

    This space to let. Reasonable rates. -8.25, -6.21

    by Jacques on Thu Jun 19, 2008 at 04:28:58 PM PDT

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    •  Definitely too early to start serious advertising (0+ / 0-)

      Four years ago, within a few days of Kerry cinching the Democratic nomination, the Bush camp started running ads on local tv here in Oregon. Both I & my wife found them annoying not only because we had more immediate things to think about than the fall election, but that they came across more as if taunting the Kerry campaign, as if to say "Look at how much money we have! We're going to bury you, sucker!"

      From the recent polling results, it's clear that at the moment  McCain's supporters are suffering from serious morale problems -- but not yet fatal. Carefully targeted, hit-&-run tactics like this are enough to keep depressing their morale; a more serious assault like a national ad campaign at this point might just provide them a point to start rallying themselves around, & regain confidence in themselves. Something that we do not want them to do until it is too late -- if ever.


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