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  •  While My Interest in Dress / Fashion is Zilch, (3+ / 0-)
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    Deoliver47, Muzikal203, KentuckyKat

    this was really really interesting.

    Thank you.

    By the way - to those commentators / supporters of barack who are afraid of what the lying ass fascists are gonna lie about ----

    we the peeeee-ons either get LEADERS who can get beat the lying ass fascists, OR

    we get the same ol same ol chickenshit sell outs.


    Me, a 48 year old white guy -- I'm done voting chickenshit sell out.


    Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous

    by seabos84 on Fri Jun 20, 2008 at 06:14:43 AM PDT

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