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  •  Ugh, Darrell Issa, R, AND PELOSI (D) READ THIS (3+ / 0-)
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    .... Issa saying Arab Americans such as himself under this bill don't have to worry about needless wiretapping

    Dennis Kucinich (D,ohio) on now. I think Dennis is the only one who is elucidating the actual blanket wiretaps change nothing this stuff could still go on

    DK-  "lets stand up for the 4th amendment
    .... per Benjamin Franklin, those who would give up their essential liberties for a little security deserve neither"

    Pelosi (D, CA, speaker) on now thanking everyone. Very difficult task, thanking Hoyer, Smith Hockstra Blunt etc we've heard it over and over "I prefer this bill or that bill" we have to understand the responsibility we have in office to debate this bill today
    we must provide for the common defense
    we must have the operational surveillance
    our troops in the field rely on timely intelligence to do their jobs
    in addition to that we have to fight the war on terrorism
    good intelligence is necessary

    this bill does not violate the constitution of the united states

    some has said this bill would allow warrantless surveillance of americans
    this bill would not
    some versions would
    our house bill before which i thought was the way to go and this compromise don't allow it

    i didn't like the senate bill because it lacked certain things

    this bill is an improvement on that 3 imp ways

    this legislation recognizes modern tech developments
    2nd this is very imp this bill provides Americans overseas requires a Fisa warrant based on cause
    3rd this improves congressional oversight
    by requireing executive branch to

    this is new, this is better the more we know the more we enforce

    this bill is an improvement over the senate bill

    first improves by saying FISA is the
    does not give Pres ability to alter FISA terms

    this is a democracy not a monarchy

    i wouldn't want any pres dem or repub to have that authoriy

    unlike senate bill retains definitions of surviellance this says it applies to all collections

    reverse targeting very important provides full and independent review of the Pres' actions by the inspector general and [] authority

    I don't like [paraphrase] senate bill because

    make sure that never happens again
    in future make sure telephone companies comply fully with FISA

    fight terrorists by learning of their plans in advance

    it's not a happy occasion but it's the work we have to do

    exec enforces laws
    jud  intreprets
    cong makes laws branches have these functions
    it's important that the pres of the US enforce this law recognizing the responsibility to follow the law and protect the people of the united states

    bill is better but not good enough for some
    i'm not asking anyone to vote for this bill but explaining why I am

    end Pelosi.

    wow. just wow.

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