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  •  Call Obama-ask him to LEAD (6+ / 0-)

    1-866-675-2008 option 6

    I called once yesterday and once today. Basically his staff said they don't know where he is. I asked if he was in Washington D.C for the vote. She said she didn't know. Yesterday they said 'obama made a strong statement against retroactive immunity and will protect the constitution and hold people accountable when he is president.'

    Screw that. I want him to be a leader now!! I want him to make sure that the american people get sunshine and discussion about how the president gave the telecomms the okay to violate our 4th amendment rights.

    Remember innocent people were tortured as a result of these fisa violations. That means that they collected information and thought they had a guilty party, tortured them, only to find out they had made a mistake.

    This could happen in our country?? If Obama does NOT take a strong stand against this, he is basically refusing to protect our civil rights.

    Call him. Call him and call him some more.

    The lady I spoke to said that she had recieved many calls and that this is clearly important to the american people. They said they would try to get the word to him.


    The greatest gift you can contribute to the goal of world peace is to heal.

    by wavpeac on Fri Jun 20, 2008 at 08:30:08 AM PDT

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