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View Diary: FISA: Yeah, but... what if? (257 comments)

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  •  Repub callers are just as upset as we are. (2+ / 0-)
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    SarahLee, ryan81

    (Except for the one idiot that says we're all out in left field, we're forgetting 3,000 people died, blahblahblah).
    And yet they tell us the American people are in favor of this.  What American people??  The guys sitting around Dick's office laughing their asses off about this?

    •  A LOT of Republicans are Ron Paul Republicans (0+ / 0-)

      . . . you may not agree with us on everything (i.e., getting the federal government out of abortion), but progressive Dems agree with Ron Paul Republicans on:

      Saying no to foreign military adventures (undeclared and unnecessary wars)

      Standing up for the 1st Amendment (opposing McCain-Feingold)

      Standing up for the 4th Amendment (opposing FISA "reform" and the "PATRIOT" Act)

      Opposing the failed war on drugs (Ron Paul promised to pardon all non-violent drug offenders on day one of his presidency -- Obama won't even promise to do that for prisoners convicted of marijuana offenses)

      Opposing corporatism and corporate welfare

      Obama is selling you -- and all of us -- out; he's slightly better than McSame on the war and civil liberties (except gun rights), but only slightly.

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