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    I probably don't deserve a reply, I'm not an active user of this site, I read heaps of crap but never reply. But please, I want some help from those who do frequent american political blogs.

    I'm a member of the Australian Greens, and I'm just not getting why, given the amazing netroots network that the american 'left' has built up, why do they bother with the democrats in focussing netroot energies?

    Yesterday, Markos posted something to the effect of saying he would focus on more and specifically BETTER democrats. But why the hell bother? After FISA, after not moving for impeachment, after failing to end the war, why are the netroots not campaigning for a change to the electoral system to proportional representation so that you can finally and effectively ditch the major parties and elect people with an actual conscience to congress?

    If I could vote in the upcoming election, Ralph Nader would have my vote all the way. Given, Obama is a billion times more preferable than mccain, but geez, it seems that philosophically, nader is the most alike those who frequent this and other sites.

    As I said, I don't really expect or deserve a response, but if you're the kind of person who revels in dishing out some perspective, please give me your views. Cheers.

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