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  •  they want Obama to have the power (3+ / 0-)

    the power of the unitary executive.

    Bush will only be in power for a few more months. Obama, they hope, will have eight long years to use that power against the Republicans and get revenge for what they've had to endure when they were out of power.

    The congressional Democrats aren't angry that Bush broke the law and crapped all over the Constitution. They're angry that Bush and the Republican leaders like DeLay and Frist shut them out, and gave all the juicy patronage and favors and contracts to their buddies. Now it's their turn to repay the favor and shut the Republicans out.

    And Obama accepted it. If he gets to be president, why not do this? Why should he object to being granted these powers?

    It's a great deal for him personally. The only losers are the Constitution and the people. And who really cares about them?

    •  Obama is a hard-nosed politico. (2+ / 0-)

      That is party why I support him. He is no mere orator. However, as much as admire Obama, I also worry about so much power concentrated in one hand. Better Obama than anyone else, but power corrupts. What will he be in eight years with no checks and balances?

      •  exactly. (2+ / 0-)

        I would trust no single person with the kind of power the Congress has just given the president.

        One can easily imagine many circumstances under which he might be tempted to misuse this power.

        For instance, if he feels he's not likely to win a second term (for whatever reason), or if he's having trouble getting his agenda through Congress, he might be tempted to spy on his political opponents to gain information he can use to discredit or silence them. And as history shows us, the list of political opponents usually expands to include innocent people who have nothing to do with it.

        The problem will be that Obama alone will be deciding whether he's using this power responsibly. No one will be looking over his shoulder.

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