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  •  School Lunch - Our Children Deserve Better (6+ / 0-)

    NAIS benefits large-scale ag. business.

    Half of the food served by the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest in the country, comes from the USDA program, which buys in bulk from lowest-bid processors. Critics say the system attracts large-scale industrial operations that are likely to cut corners to provide cheap beef


    And what happens to the suppliers who provide the cheapest meat from the sickliest cows?

    School Lunch Supplier of the Year

    •  Tagging won't make food healthier (9+ / 0-)

      Great comment.

      Check out the video that the Humane Society did of the Hallmark/Westland plant (warning: its' a graphic and very upsetting video).  It can be hard to see a lot of details, but every time you get a clear shot of one of the cows' left ears, you can see that there's a tag on it!  The problem isn't with tagging, it's with the factory farms that keep the cows in such unhealthy conditions that they can't walk when they're just 3 or 4 years old.  Add that to the USDA turning a blind eye to the massive meat packers' practices, and you have a recipe for unhealthy food.

      The key to improving our food supply is getting sustainable, local producers who take their animals to small slaughterhouses where people still care about safety and health, not just making money for investors.  That also reduces fuel consumption, and improves local economies.  That's why there has been such a push for farm-to-school programs.

      The NAIS provision in the appropriations bill will drive the system in the wrong direction.

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