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  •  I saw the movie made from Freedom Writers (7+ / 0-)

    I don't usually watch movies on teaching because I find them to be incredibly unrealistic.  But I was caught on a cross country flight without a good book and I watched Freedom Writers which is based on the book you referenced.

    My first thought when the movie was over -- is why do we think burning out our teachers is so admirable?  Divorce, second job to pay for school supplies, administrative hurdles that hinder rather than facilitate real teaching.  

    And this goes back to your diary yesterday -- why don't we want our teachers to have happy, fulfilled home lives, decent paychecks and humane working conditions?  

    I think these types of movies/books set up unrealistic standards that teachers will be saints not imperfect human beings.  

    And I noticed at the end of the movie, that the teacher left the classroom and went on to either a university or administrative position.  So we burn the teachers out and those who can move on or those who can't...

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