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    I have one.  I teach SPED.
    It gets me $900 more a year.  It didn't get me the job I have, and most kids don't think I am a 'real teacher'.
    I cannot define myself by my education level, nor by the level of respect students give me (that would make me run away screaming some days.) Every day I touch someone's life.  I know I make it better. I make my little world better.  I know a child succeeds, or is complimented, or conquers an obstacle, because I was there to teach the way.  I have good feelings about myself, which is a whole lot to receive from a 'job.'
    I attended a department meeting last year, where my colleagues had to define me in two phrases.  "She works so hard" and "she loves the kids", is what they said.  It is my mental epitaph.

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