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  •  Stop and think about the history here (3+ / 0-)
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    stephdray, hazzcon, NurseReek

    As I have watched these maps and browsed these web sites for the last couple of weeks, I am astounded by this fact:

    a liberal African American senator from Illinois is more than competitive in states like NC, SC, GA, Mississifrickingppi, VA. MT, North Freakinkota

    Repeat after me: a liberal African American is competitive in the Deep South.

    I am sorry, but to anyone who remembers the dogs, the firehoses, the Klan, the killings, Bull Connor, and Mississippi Burning this is stunning. Stunning. Whether he ends up winning these states, or not, the fact that he can compete there ....

    We don't need some sorry moderate white guy pandering to some mythical southern white guys to win elections.

    Thank you Dr. Dean, an all the people who have made the 50 state strategy the success is is becoming.

    And thank you to all of our red state compatriots. Help is on way; and this time it's not US Marshalls and Freedom Riders. This time it's organizers and field staff, money and ads, and hope.

    Simply stunning.

    •  And the lesson is (1+ / 0-)
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      We don't need some sorry moderate white guy pandering to some mythical southern white guys to win elections.

      This is the message to be taken from all this, IMO. For years we heard that you can't be this, you can't be that, you don't dare be liberal, progressive, you have to be a war hero, they couldn't possibly mess with that...

      In fact, people respect a candidate being unapologetically who he is, contrary to the common wisdom pumped out by the Mark Penns of the world.

      It's not just that the country is far more in line with so-called progressive stances than people believed, which it is. It's also that the whole thing is far more complicated than that kind of simplistic black and white (now you've said it!) polling-based thinking.

      Anyway yes, simply stunning, I agree.

    •  Former North Freakinkotan saying (0+ / 0-)

      North Freakinkota

      Hot damn! Gonna be a hot time in the old State this fall.

      It's been quite some time since the congressional, state and local Dem-NPLers could look at the national ticket as anything but a huge drag on their vote counts.  

      This could be an intersting case of leap-frog coattails come November - with the bottom pushing up the top and the top pulling up the bottom.

      Of course McCain will be appealing to the TR Rough Rider side of the state - but TR said you should carry a big stick, not wave it around and threaten every kid who came near your front yard.

      He also did not have fantasies about seeding 'market democracies' around the entire world with that stick.  

      Think of the constitution as a levee. Think of our democracy as New Orleans.

      by Into The Woods on Mon Jun 23, 2008 at 02:42:13 PM PDT

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      •  A shout out to NPL'er Birch Burdick (0+ / 0-)

        my old North Freakinkota friend from dear Ann Arbor town. Now, amazingly, the district attorney for Fargo. Son of a great Dem-NPL'er Quentin Burdick. When I knew Birch he was a lowly engineering student. Whoda thunk it?

        If you know him, tell him I say hey! And if he claims to not remember, let me know. I can refresh his memory. I still have the pictures. :-)

        But, I digress ......

        Good luck out there. I have a good feeling about this year. I think Barack is much like Paul Wellstone, and the other old prairie progressives, passionate, articulate, honest, sincere, and clearly supporting the working man, the farmer, and the less privileged.

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