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View Diary: 17 yr. old farm worker who died of heat stroke connected to "Two-Buck Chuck." (241 comments)

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    But if some of the policies changed and we had more jobs that had stayed in the US and adequate health coverage I think the increase in prices of good could have been offset by wages. Or maybe I'm hoping for utopia. I feel the same way about FISA. How the entire way the gov't has been operating is just so wrong to begin with that this latest issue is the result of all of that and we are responsible in part do to our actions and inactions.

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      mahakali overdrive

      It seems like you're saying that basic common sense and some standards of ethics should be applied across the board. I agree. From this woman's death for the sake of commerce to FISA, which shouldn't even be on the floor to be voted on in the first place, underlying them are the values our culture espouses.

      And I definitely agree about the job base here. It seems like, despite what Republicans tell me about how they think markets work, we used to have a lot more manufacturing jobs, somewhat more equitable distribution of wealth, unions were allowed to protect workers, families were moving into a stable enough middle class existence where single-income home ownership was well within reach, and then we gradually but consciously chose, on the policy level, to let those go in favor of concentration of wealth at the top, and more goods that demand slave labor here or overseas for the rest of us on the bottom.

      I remain optimistic -- individuals don't generally seem satisfied with this. Cultures have to change over time. In the posts about this issue alone, a few hundred people are resolving not to support these kinds of farming practices. That's change you can believe in. :)

      "The laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force, in extraordinary times." - Justice A. Kennedy

      by pylonsound on Tue Jun 24, 2008 at 07:38:26 AM PDT

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