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View Diary: Media & Gov't Torture Cover-up: Sen. Levin, Release the 12/01 SERE Docs (37 comments)

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    suggest further research into US government programs to assist friendly nations in how to structure, staff, train & implement intelligence and counter-intelligence operations  from 1948-present.
    There is some quality data in the public domain concerning our assistance to countries including Egypt, Iran under the Shah, Algeria w/the French, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and many others.

    You are on to some good 411 here looking at the influence of SERE upon current administration actions.  While this will assist the serious researcher into these influences upon recent history, there are whole worlds of threads left that can be woven together.

    Excellent effort!


    If you can see yourself in the mirror and have survived the day then you have won the battle and defeated your enemy.

    A teaching point

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