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View Diary: PA-Pres, MI-Pres: trends look good (65 comments)

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  •  BREAKING: LATimes Obama+15 (0+ / 0-)

    Sen. Barack Obama has opened a 15-point lead over Sen. John McCain in the presidential race, according to a new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll.

    In addition, "most of the political trends -- voter enthusiasm, views of President George W. Bush, the Republicans, the economy and the direction of the country -- point to even greater trouble for rival McCain."

    Obama, "winning support from once skeptical women and Democrats," beats McCain 48% to 33%, in a four-way race with independent candidates Bob Barr and Ralph Nader get 7% combined.

    Said pollster Susan Pinkus: "The Obama voters are much more energized and motivated to come out to vote than the McCain voters; McCain is still struggling to win over some of his core groups. The good news for Obama is also that he seems to be doing better on the issue that is uppermost in voters' minds, and that is the economy."

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