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  •  what does being a junior Senator have to do with (5+ / 0-)

    standing up for the Constitution?  Do you mean it's a seniority thing?

    As for the presumptive nominee, you mean the president is not supposed to uphold the Constitution?

    •  I think (0+ / 0-)

      he means it depends on Senate leadership. As many suspect, if Reid wants it, he will probably be able to push it through. And from what I've seen of Reid, I don't trust him.

      I honestly can't figure out why people are bashing Obama over this. Pelosi and Reid are the leaders of the Senate who actively pushed this piece of crap.

      Obama may either have his own view of the bill, or be worried about GOP attacks on it. No one can know. I'd rather give him a pass on this, because in fact the GOP will attack him fiercely over this. You think the GOP won't? And you think he won't really take a big hit? I know progressives are confident that the public is on their side, but the public is mostloy ignorant on this issue. And I think they are underestimating just how ugly and nasty the GOP will be attacking on national security. Mark my words. You ain't seen nothing yet.

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