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  •  I would second that, since just about (3+ / 0-)
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    every other diary for the past week and a day has been exactly about the FISA bill and how wanting it is, and how cowardly the House was to pass it and whether Obama has any power or desire to do what Dodd, Wyden, Feingold and Boxer are doing openly and loudly. Ergo, to stop it, kill it, postpone it, by any means necessary. If nothing else Obama could insist on passage only if immunity was taken out and thereby ensure a veto which would essentially kill it until after the election.

    It is a good thing imo to see editorials of major newspapers chiming in, i don't care what their motives are. Ours should be the same, protect our rights to free speech and privacy from search and seizure. What's wrong with that?

    Every day that passes gives the media and the public further opportunity to mass their opposition and for those still fence sitting or defending Obama's shilly shallying (he's too busy!!!!) to figure out what it means to them. If it isn't important why are you supporting the man who promises change and falls at the first hurdle?

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