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  •  Americans are outraged at the loss of Freedom (0+ / 0-)

    I have found that Americans of every kind are slowly boiling about the destruction of Freedom.
       Freedom,The Constitution,governmnet accountability and openness are THE issue.
      The entire reason for the US is Freedom and it is the base value of America.
     If Freedom continues to weaken America will no longer exists except as a name.
       The so called "Patriot Act" must be repealed in its entirety or sooner or later the USA will fall under a dictator.  
      Have you ever read and thoroughly understood the ramifications of the so called "patriot Act'
     It allows the governmnet to do anything with a terrorist.  It also allows the government to define anyone as a terrorist.
     The definition of a terrorist is anyone the governmnet labels a terrorist.
      Some of Bushies executive Orders are even more tyrannical.  
       In today's America the governmnet can spy on you,put you in prison,seize all your money,your house and car and all other assets,torture you and never even give a reason for doing these evil things.
      This is why the FISA changes are a big deal. It just makes it easier for the governmnet to abuse you.
       If you care about Freedom,the Rule of law,The Constitution and an open accountable governmnet you care deeply about this FISA vote.

    There is nothing Mainstream about the Corporate media.

    by drblack on Thu Jun 26, 2008 at 06:57:38 AM PDT

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