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View Diary: SCOTUS Overturns Millionaire's Amendment (171 comments)

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  •  Sometimes they win (0+ / 0-)

    Bloomberg is Mayor of NYC.  Romney was Gov of Massachusetts.

    Suppose this gaping loophole is seen by the gasping McCain campaign as a means to $300 or $400 M in campaign funding by picking Romney or Bloomberg for VP and they chuck their massive personal fortunes into their own VP campaigns?  What is there to stop them from doing that, SCOTUS?

    Suppose the Republicans decide that they are toast if McCain is the presidential candidate, and some Romney or Bloomberg supporters stage a revolt in the R Party, force McCain out and put Romney and Bloomberg on the R ticket together, and they use the self-funding apporach, say one chucks in $600 M, and the other $400 M.  With $1B to spend on their own campaign, and Obama, despite the millions of small donors cannot raise more than $1 B, plus the 527 swiftboaters on the R side, who's to say that the R's couldn't win under those circumstances.

    I am on record here in Kos that nothing will keep the Republicans from doing ANYTHING to keep their hands on the purse strings of the $25 Trillion that will be spent in the Federal budget in the next 8 years.  Is there any reason to think that something like this scenario might not play out.  If a Republican sees an advantage, he will take it.

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