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    This is good news because it might speed the end of this occupation. Republicans and Conservatives have long accused the Dems of hoping things would stay bad in Iraq so that it would keep hurting Bush's numbers. This is not true, but it is true that Bush numbers are likely to soar in the short term. Here's why I think it won't last:
    1. Saddam will still say there are no WMD.
    2. With Saddam captured, people "still scared to tell the truth about WMD" (as the pundit line goes) are entirely free of fear now to come forward with this "truth." If they don't, the average public is not likely to notice or care, but surely somebody will point out the lack of whistleblowers despite Saddam's capture.
    3. When people feel like they are being occupied, they feel like they are being occupied. To the Iraqi's this doesn't take away the barbed wire, provide jobs, keep American bullets from their children, or make it safe for women to be out along day or night.
    4. Attacks on our soldiers will continue with or without Saddam. That matters.

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