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    Terrible news for Dean.  For the primaries, and the general.

    I would argue that this is worse news for Clark than Dean.  Clark has been categorized as a foreign policy one-trick pony (whether fairly or unfairly) and Dean has built a platform with obviously a strong anti-war side, but also heavily on social and domestic issues.  Those aren't changed by today's developments in Iraq.  

    Clark now has to focus more on these domestic issues.  For awhile it seemed like he wanted to talk domestic policy but the reporters/moderators only wanted to hear him talk about foreign policy.  Recently, I have noticed that he has been turning domestic policy questions into discussions about foreign policy.  "This is the issue that will define this campaign, and I am the candidate to take that fight to George Bush." Let us not forget that Dean is not the only candidate critical of this administration's handling of this war.  

    I will be most interested to hear Clark's response to this news and to see how it affects his campaign both in message and in focus.

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