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  •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
    This is BIG -- and yet somewhat meaningless. Like taking down John Gotti sure got rid of organized crime...

    In realpolitik term, Saddam was yesterday's news, been there done that. Like Gotti was by the time he was on the hot seat.  At times, I thought Saddam was already dead, killed by one of his rivals.

    Iraq had already moved beyond Saddam; I strongly doubt anyone over there (outside of the CPA) factored him heavily to be a player again.

    Where the impact is, is here in the US, because of an American population that is seriously clueless about what really is going on in Iraq.

    Maybe if the elections were held Tuesday this would help Bush, but the country is divided and set in its way about far more fundamental ideological conflicts, good and evil if you will, that I hardly see it having a long-term effect.

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