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  •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
    Ok, Cs & cowboy, Why so sure SH is 9-11 clean?

    The issue isn't whether I'm "sure SH is 9-11 clean," but whether those who claim that SH was responsible for 9-11 have made their case.   As far as I know, they haven't made their case.   Until they do, I remain skeptical about that as about all unproved hypotheses.

    Apart from the absence of convincing evidence, there is another reason for skepticism: an administration desperate for a Saddam-9-11 connection has long been systematically promoting the appearance of a link by propaganda, innuendo, and the repetition of unfounded claims.  The burden is on those who say that the evidence this time is real.

    •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
      And you're right of course, C S. But the reality is that we now have Saddam, don't we. What will he say? Wouldn't it be nice if it were nothing more than the truth?
      •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
        What will he say? Wouldn't it be nice if it were nothing more than the truth?


        I suppose that the only way to have any hope of knowing whether he is telling the truth would be to have a full and open trial, without coercion, and with vigorous representation by both sides.  A highly unoriginal idea on my part, I'm afraid.

        •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
          C S, Any recent speculation in regard to this has of course been disputed. Maybe we will have a "first". Maybe we will finally have the truth between us as fellow countrymen pertaining to an enemy of our state. Or is he not your enemy; C S ?
          •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
            Or is he not your enemy; C S ?

            What an odd question. I thought you knew that Saddam Hussein was my godfather.

            Just kidding. Unlike Donald Rumsfeld, I've never met with or personally helped the old thug.

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