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  •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
    Tim Russert lives in a parallel universe. Electromagnetic radiations tunnel into this one.
    Please ignore anything he says. It's a quantum effect.

    President Bush's speech was perfect.
    Maybe.  I suspect somebody told him something like this:

    Mr President, we've already made too many victory pronouncements; events have quickly soured these celebrations. I suggest Mr President, that you stick to the bare minimum, just stating the facts and leave.

    •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
      Russert's comment seemed plausible until I thought about it.

      How is Saddam going to persuade the resistance to stop? Are we going to put him on the air to make a public statement? Notlikely. Will the resistance believe any statements that we make about what Saddam is saying? Hardly.

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