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  •  Re: GREAT blog posting site here (none)
    nick, welcome.

    if things are a little slow it usually because of heavy volume.  you shoulda seen trying to post and refresh threads during the last dem debate - something like 400 posts in 90 minutes!

    anyway, if your "nick" is indicative, you may well get some heavy flamage from hardcore ideologues.  don't try to take it too personal.  best to keep your responses polite and cogent, neh?  or even avoid those guys.  lots of us are interested in the views of reasonable conservatives for good discussions or even a little jousting.  but remember you're on a liberal board.  start going off about the "nine dwarfs" or vince foster or repeating wrong-wing talking points ad nauseam, you will get body-checked out the door by the community.  otherwise you can expect some semi-friendly ribbing from the rest of us.


    •  Re: GREAT blog posting site here (none)
      Thanks, Zeke L.

      And I understand what you say. For the past year I have been a frequent poster on the the DNC Kicking Ass blog.

      I don't like preaching to a choir, I like opinions that are in opposition, even hostile is ok. Challenging my thought process my goal for now. I'm not offended; hey! this is your guy's home. I'm just a guest on probation.

    •  Re: GREAT blog posting site here (none)
      I don't think "Nick a repug" is a conservative necessarily.  First, the use of 'repug.'  Second, it may be a play on words, advocating that we all go out and 'nick a repug'.  Who knows, but I wouldn't assume.

      THEY are the party of fear.

      WE are the party of security and rights. Yours.

      by Katydid on Mon Dec 15, 2003 at 03:36:24 PM PST

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