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  •  uh, boss, we got bad news... (none)
    do you have support for this?  i once floated this as a joke, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.  if there's real evidence this might have happened, i'd be interested in corroboration.
    •  Re: uh, boss, we got bad news... (none)
      Oh, stop being so egocentric. You're not the origin, since I've seen this on Wired news, as well as in European news sources like the Guardian and Der Spiegel.

      Right now, it's the CW that Saddam had shut himself out of the loop through his brutal methods. All the smart ones had realised that the best way to stay alive was to tell the boss what he wanted to hear, and embezzle the money for the project. There have reportedly been quite a few that have admitted this.

      •  Re: uh, boss, we got bad news... (none)
        i'm not saying i'm "the" origin.  i'm saying when it first started to be clear iraq wasn't chock-a-block with vx and anthrax i started joking that maybe this is what happened.  i probably posted something along those lines here, but mostly i meant i was joking about it socially.  i'm sure plenty of other people had this idea, either as humor or as a viable speculation.

        all i was asking was whether there's actual evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, to support this scenario.  since pretty much everything those who opposed the war seems to have come true, it would be the ultimate vindication if a possibility worthy of a saturday night live skit turned out to be the reason we can't find the WMD.

        so if you have some sources (other than speculative pieces) please share.

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