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  •  ethnic v. religious (none)
    more likelihood of secular ethnic civil war than of religious violence.

    this is a distinction without a difference.  talking about "religious" violence is a pundit's cop-out of understanding the root causes of conflict.  i suggest a closer study of the past 15 years in yugoslavia.

    •  Re: ethnic v. religious (none)
      So you disagree that a power struggle or even civil war between the Kurds, relatively secular Sunnis and relatively quietist Iraqi Shi'a would be materially different from a struggle between, say, any or all of those and a fundamentalist al-Qaida style mindset? Because believe me, the latter look upon all of this as 'religious' violence.
      •  Re: ethnic v. religious (none)
        no.  i'm saying that distinguishing between ethnic identity and religious identity is only meaningful in an american-style cultural context.

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